Wills and Estates


If you feel that you have not received adequate provision under the will of a relative, there is action you can take. However, strict time limits apply so you need the right advice at the right time.

O’Shea Lawyers can assess whether you can make a claim under the Adequate Family Provision sections of the Succession Act. If you do, we can make that claim to ensure that you receive the appropriate distribution from your relative’s estate.

If you are the executor of a Will and receive a claim, you will need advice and representation on how to deal with it in the way that best protects you and the interests of the estate and the beneficiaries.

It is always better for estate disputes to be resolved by negotiation and mediation rather than go to court. O’Shea Lawyers has a common sense approach which helps control legal costs and leaves more of the estate available for its rightful beneficiaries. Of course, if other parties cannot see reason, O’Shea Lawyers has substantial experience in litigation.