Consumer Credit


Consumer credit lenders need to know that their business is legally compliant. Compliance failures can lead to prosecutions, fines, civil penalties, adverse findings by regulators and ombudsmen, bad publicity, bad debts, unhappy customers and potential insolvency.

O’Shea Lawyers has unique experience in consumer credit law. O’Shea Lawyers has  drafted standard contracts and documents for large and small lenders. We have been consulted by ASIC, the Commonwealth Treasury and by industry and consumer groups on consumer credit law.

O’Shea Lawyers can help your business with:

  • Applications for or variations to Australian Credit Licences
  • Appointment of Credit Representatives
  • Credit Guides
  • Contracts, Notices and Statements
  • Compliance with all aspects of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and the National Credit Code.
  • Responsible Lending Obligations
  • Unfair Contract Terms reviews
  • Responding to Notices from ASIC
  • Complaints and Internal Dispute Resolution
  • External Dispute Resolution
  • Compliance with other relevant laws which affect consumer credit providers such as the Privacy Act, the Financial Transactions Reporting Act, the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act, the Electronic Transactions Act, the SPAM Act and the ASIC Act to name a few.
  • External Compliance Reviews for ASIC licence conditions

Our drafting style is clear and concise. We produce plain English documents which are fully compliant and easy to read. We do not reproduce standardized precedents. We listen to you and customize documents to suit your business model.