Business Disputes


Prevent. Avoid. Resolve. Win

Prevention: Prevention is always better than cure.  Many commercial disputes arise from misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations.  We can draft your contracts and other documents to make sure you and your customers and commercial partners are all on the same page and less likely to come into conflict.

Avoid: When conflict does arise, the best approach is to avoid litigation without compromising the needs of your business.  We are skilled at putting your best case and exploring sensible settlement options.  This is always best done early to avoid unnecessary costs.

Resolve: O’Shea Lawyers has unique experience in alternative dispute resolution.  Mediation, conciliation and the use of external dispute resolution agencies are often the best ways to resolve commercial disputes quickly, at less cost and without the risks of litigation in courts.

Win: Sometimes the only option is to go to court.  When that happens, you need lawyers who know the courts and know how to win disputed commercial cases.  With 24 years of experience in commercial litigation in all the courts and tribunals, state and federal, and access to the best and most experienced barristers, O’Shea Lawyers has a proven record of getting the outcomes clients want from commercial disputes.